Perseid Prospects: Poor

The weather is not cooperating for this year's Perseid meteor shower. Clouds and rain through the weekend will most likely prevent any observations from Westchester. The optimal viewing time for this year's shower would be after midnight Thursday (early Friday morning) but the National Weather Service predicts "mostly cloudy" with possible rain for that time. The meteor shower activity extends for several more days, but so does the prediction of cloudy and rainy weather. If the weather clears, some meteors could be seen, especially after midnight, over the next week or so. The waxing moon will make fainter meteors difficult to see. The moon will be full on August 18th, which means it will be in the sky the entire night on that date, and present in the early morning skies for more than a week thereafter.

Should the conditions permit viewing, pick out a safe, dark location that has good sky exposure, with no ambient lights to disturb visual dark adaptation. WAA did not plan any formal viewing events this year. Our next star party at Ward Pound Ridge Reservation will take place on Saturday, August 27th.

Lawrence L. Faltz, MD, WAA President