Star Parties

Covid 19 information: Group observing events (a.k.a. “Star Parties”) will take place in 2022 (weather permitting, of course). As long as required by New York State and Westchester County, WAA will screen all attendees at the entrance to the Meadow Parking Lot and expect compliance with vaccine and mask mandates and recommendations. WAA follows CDC guidelines and the current scientific literature. Attendees should be vaccinated and boosted, and all individuals should wear masks even in outdoor settings. Social distancing should be observed as much as possible. This is particularly important if children are attending.

91% alcohol wipes will be provided to disinfect eyepieces and focusers.


We schedule one star party each month, with a make-up date in case of bad weather. We pick nights where the moon will not be a factor so that we can view fainter objects.

2022 Star Parties Moon
Date Type Sunset Set Rise Illumination Phase
3/5/2022 Regular 17:50 21:11 11% Waxing
3/26/2022 Regular 19:13 31%
4/2/2022 Make-up 19:20 21:07 3% Waxing
4/23/2022 Regular 19:43 3:21 42% Waning
4/30/2022 Make-up 19:50 <1%
5/21/2022 Regular 20:12 1:54 57% Waning
5/28/2022 Make-up 20:18 2%
6/25/2022 Regular 20:31 3:28 8% Waning
7/2/2022 Make-up 20:31 23:14 14% Waxing
7/23/2022 Regular 20:20 2:01 18% Waning
7/30/2022 Make-up 20:13 21:42 6% Waxing
8/20/2022 Regular 19:46 0:37 32% Waning
8/27/2022 Make-up 19:35 20:09 <1% Waxing
9/17/2022 Regular 19:00 23:16 49% Waning
9/24/2022 Make-up 18:48 <1%
10/1/2022 Regular 18:36 20:15 40% Waxing
10/22/2022 Regular 18:03 6%
10/29/2022 Make-up 17:53 21:02 25% Waxing
11/19/2022 Regular 16:32 2:55 14%
11/26/2022 Make-up 16:28 18:52 12% Waxing

If time not listed for moonrise or moonset, the moon will not be visible during the star party.
If the Regular star party takes place, the make-up event is canceled.
Call our club hot line (877) 456-5778 for weather updates/cancellations. WAA members receive email updates.

Link to Google Maps for directions:

Starway to Heaven is our monthly observing night at the Meadow Parking Area in Ward Pound Ridge Reservation in Cross River, NY. We typically  start observing within a half hour after sunset. You can find the time for sunset at Ward Pound Ridge here.  Here’s a Google map. A detailed map of the park is here

To see what’s in the sky, we recommend a Windows planetarium program like Cartes du Ciel (free), Stellarium (free), TheSky (commercial) or SkySafari (commercial, for iOS, Android, MacOS only).

Our star parties are free and open to the public through the generosity of the Westchester County Department of Parks, Recreation and Conservation. We encourage you to bring your telescope, especially if you need help using or setting it up.

Don’t have a telescope? You can look through our members’ equipment.

Call 877-456-5778 for weather cancellations. A good rule of thumb: Don’t show up if you can’t count more than 10 bright stars. The Clear Sky Clock for Ward Pound Ridge is a good predictor of the night sky conditions. You can also check the more detailed NOAA weather forecast for Ward Pound Ridge.

To ensure everyone enjoys the night sky safely and securely, please read our Star Party Dos and Don’ts

The WAA cannot guarantee the turnout of members and telescopes during the winter months.


  • Star Party, October 10th (9/17/2020) by lfaltz

    The September public observing event went very smoothly, so we plan to hold our next scheduled event on October 10th (rain/cloud date October 17th).


  • Star Party, Saturday, September 12, 2020 (9/11/2020) by lfaltz

    As of 7 p.m. on 9/11, the weather looks good. The event will be held in accordance with NY State pandemic guidelines. Screening and contact information will be collected at the entrance to the Meadow Parking Lot. Masks and social distancing are required.

  • Star Party Saturday November 30th (11/30/2019) by Daniel

    As of Saturday morning 11/30, decent observing conditions are expected. It will be quite cold, so dress accordingly – think sledding. Sunset is at 4:30 pm so observing will start around 5:00-5:15 pm.


  • Star Party Saturday October 19th (10/18/2019) by lfaltz

    As of Friday morning 10/18, excellent observing conditions are expected. It will be cool, so dress accordingly. Sunset is at 6:07 pm so observing will start around 6:30-6:45 pm.


  • October 13th Star Party (9/17/2018) by lfaltz

    The next star party is scheduled for Saturday, October 13th. Go to the Star Party page for general information and directions.


  • September 15 Star Party (9/15/2018) by lfaltz

    The star party on Saturday, September 15th at dusk will take place at the usual spot: the Meadow Parking Lot at Ward Pound Ridge Reservation, Cross River, NY.  map

    The summer sky is full of wonderful celestial objects: the Milky Way, open and globular clusters, double stars and nebulas. Sunset is at 7:03 pm; the sky will be dark enough for observing by 7:45.

    The event is free and open to the public. Bring your own telescope or view through members’ instruments. For more information about star parties, go to the Star Parties page.