Meeting/Lecture June 10 at 7:30 pm

Live and via Zoom (see Home page for link)

Urban Astrophotography Update

Mauri Rosenthal
Westchester Amateur Astronomers and Amateur Astronomy Association (NYC)

Mauri will talk about a range of topics relating to imaging:

  • Living with Light Pollution: Perspectives from several years of doing and teaching urban astrophotography
  • Catalogue of targets accessible from the NY metropolitan area without traveling to darker skies
  • Updates regarding gear that makes this easier than ever
  • Solar imaging update – also easier than ever and the sun is going nuts
    • Bonus — Good times for aurora chasers (albeit not in the metro area!)
  • Everyday AI – ways in which cheap and readily available Artificial Intelligence are benefitting backyard imagers

Mauri Rosenthal combined longstanding hobbies of backyard astronomy and photography to begin astrophotography in earnest 8 years ago. Surprised by the image quality achievable with small telescopes from his yard in Westchester County, Mauri has been developing deep expertise in Ultraportable Urban Astrophotography and is on a mission to use new technology to extend the access of city-dwellers to the wonders of the night sky. Mauri has played a central role in developing and teaching New York City’s Amateur Astronomers Association courses in Astrophotography which have helped dozens of city dwellers to get started in imaging since 2019.  Follow Mauri’s imaging on Instagram and Flickr.