May 2024 WAA Meeting

Friday, May 10 at 7:30 pm

Live at David Pecker Conference Room, Willcox Hall, Pace University, Pleasantville, NY or via Zoom

Funding the Final Frontier

Emma Loudon

Department of Astronomy, Yale University

This interactive, in-person talk will explore the intricate dynamics of funding for space exploration, with a particular focus on NASA’s profound impact on society. We’ll discover how strategic investments in space missions have advanced our scientific understanding and spurred innovations that permeate everyday life. From technological advancements to fostering international cooperation, we will learn how NASA’s budgeting decisions shape economic growth, technological innovation, and even the geopolitical landscape. The vast societal returns generated by funding space exploration argue for continued investment in reaching beyond our earthly confines for what some would call less practical reasons. Join astrophysicist Emma Louden (@exoplanet_emma) as she charts the course from fiscal inputs to astronomical impacts, highlighting why pursuing the unknown yields dividends far beyond the stars.

Free and open to the public.